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In a sea of 15,000 agents, it is difficult to find a way to stand out. We believe that consumers are tired of the offer of free property appraisals and the typical tile approach we see on social media and the solution lies in high-quality content.

Marketing has drastically changed over the years and this has contributed to more cost and time-efficient methods of getting your name out. Where 10 years ago TV ads were out of reach of most budgets now with the help of social media we are able to recreate a similar perception.

We encourage creativity and have a team that is ripe and ready to collaborate on your ideas.

Qualified Creator

Before shooting for Blueprint Clients our team undergo a fixed training program so we can be asured to have consistency in our production.

4k Recording Capabilities

We believe quality can be found in technology and require all shooters to be able to shoot in 4k resolution so you production can be enjoyed on screens of all sizes.

Drone Pilots

With the latest drones the team will make sure they capture the best angles of your home. Our drone pilots know the rules but like to push the limits on their abilities.

Motion Tracking and Animation

Bring attention to the most important parts of your home without needing to say it. We track the address into all real estate shoots although the possibilities are endless.

Virtual Staging/Photoshop

Wanting to vitually stage your home? remove bins? or add grass? The team are qualified to handle post productions work and would always prefer your images are ready for market.

Creative Concept Execution

With the use of the internal team app we are posed and ready to help create a story around your property production and increase its engagement online.

$725 inc

Built to help trades run successful social media

Social Media Package

  • 4 - Hours with a photographer
  • Multiple locations Possible
  • 60 Edited images to use through social media, websites and print
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$2299 inc

Have your website reflect your business

Website Package

  • A minimum of 60 images
  • 45 - 120 Second showcase video
  • 2 Shooters
  • Drone photo & video
  • 3x - 30 Second b-roll videos in landscape
  • 3x - 30 Second b-roll videos in portrait
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Talk to the team about your concept today.

Creative Video

  • Weekly Update - Marketing Campaign
  • Cinematic 4k Capabilities
  • Multiple Shooters to find the right fit for your project
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