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Drone Photography & Videography Experts Auckland

Gone are the days of needing a helicopter to get the shot. Drones have revolutionised the way we shoot property.

Our team grew up on RC cars so drones are like second nature to us. We enjoy pushing their limits to make sure we have the shot. Whether it be photography or videography a drone shot can reach where our cameras fall short.

A unique angle of your property from the sky is the best way to show the boundary line and location. Our team are all trained to fly within the rules and capture the shot you need.

Our drone pilots take to the skies every day and in doing so are some of the most skilled pilots around. Flight training starts at 0800.

Trained Pilots

With shooting real estate the use of drones are essential. All the Blueprint team are trained in drone work often spotted flying around parks in our lunch breaks.

Registered Flights

Our main office team are in charge of booking every drone flight with traffic controllers so you can be assured the flight is done by the book.

Specialist Drones

We have a range of drones to suite every situation. We have from small descret drones that will fit through a gap in a fence through to Cinematic drones for that special property.
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