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Real Estate Property Videography Auckland Wide

You only have one chance at a first impression and in real estate a first impression is everything.

Real Estate Videos aren’t a new development yet very rarely do you see anything new. Video is the fastest and easiest way to communicate key details of the property that you think may be missed in the images. Video captures emotion and allows the viewer to picture themselves in the home.

Uniquely we bring our large production knowledge into each video we produce and aim to create a masterpiece of your home.

We know our style works to withhold the right information while drawing a watcher’s attention to the great parts of your home.

A fix of wide and tight angles to show flow and details.

We film productions for property because we love it.

Qualified Creator

Before shooting for Blueprint Clients our team undergo a fixed training program so we can be asured to have consistency in our production.

48 Hour Turn Around

With all property related video you can expect to have your finished project in your inbox within 48 hours of the shoot taking palce.

4k Recording Capabilities

We believe quality can be found in technology and require all shooters to be able to shoot in 4k resolution so you production can be enjoyed on screens of all sizes.

Motion Tracking and Animation

Bring attention to the most important parts of your home without needing to say it. We track the address into all real estate shoots although the possibilities are endless.

Drone Pilots

With the latest drones the team will make sure they capture the best angles of your home. Our drone pilots know the rules but like to push the limits on their abilities.

Creative Concept Execution

With the use of the internal team app we are posed and ready to help create a story around your property production and increase its engagement online.

$499 inc

Videography for all types of property

Hero Video

  • Up to 90 second Video
  • Arial Videography
  • Property Title
  • **Homes up to 350msq
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$699 inc

Large Home or Creative Video Concepts

Premium Video

  • Up to 120 second Video
  • Arial Videography
  • Dusk Timing or Area Shots
  • Motion Tracked Titles
  • Boundary Line Tracking
  • Creative Shots
  • **Homes over 350msq
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Extras & Add Ons

Add On’s

  • Auctions Video (Mid-Week) $549
  • Auction Video (Weekend) $699
  • Reshoot $100
  • Dusk Add Ons $150
  • Floor Plan $100
  • 3D Floor Plan $150
  • Photoshop $30 Per Image
  • Virtual Staging $50 Per Image
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