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Team Observations from the Intern


Finding Our Why

Very rarely do you find yourself placed in a fast-paced environment bustling with work, where everyone is relaxed, calm, and on top of everything. Very rarely are you able to form a connection with people like the unique individuals that grace the desks at 22b Exmouth Street. If you’re looking for an environment where you feel connected to and supported by your team, you’re on the right path reading this article.

I’m here to provide an inside scoop on what it’s like to work at Blueprint Studios. Perhaps there should be a disclaimer that these are only my observations, however, I can guarantee that anyone who has been around this team wouldn’t disagree in their own observations. If you’re reading this hoping to understand what you will be stepping into in your new role, then I believe I’ll have painted a clear enough picture in your head of this special team by the time you finish reading. If you’re a client wanting to learn more about the team you’re working with, you will rest assured after reading this as you will come to understand their commitment to cooperation, efficiency, and having a resilient work ethic.

Kelly has been the kind, positive, and encouraging helping hand I’ve needed while finding my place here. You can always trust her to have confidence in you before you have confidence in yourself, and be one of your biggest supporters as you learn, make mistakes, and grow. She is creative, full of ideas, and always has an action-plan. Kelly rarely forgets anything, she’s a walking reminders list, better than any online platform or app. She has quickly become someone I find easy to talk to and trust, and with her incredible multi-tasking abilities, never fails to make time to answer my many questions.

Josh is someone you can always count on. He is the designated problem-solver, constantly at the top of everyone’s recently called list. He values organisation and structure, making everything easier for the team with his processes in place. Josh always stays focused and dedicated on everything he takes on, always ready to provide solutions and keep going even when he doesn’t succeed the first time. Despite the amount of work that piles up on Josh’s desk every minute, he is a team player that is always available to lend a hand or have a chat and keep things light-hearted so that we can all have a laugh in the midst of stress.  

The most recent addition, the lovely Linda, has been a positive, hard-working member of the team, always ready for a challenge and always getting tasks done way ahead of time. She has a smile that brightens the room, and a healthy attitude towards life that we are all taking notes on. She’s a fast learner that sets high standards for her own progress and is passionate about what she does. You can always count on her warm personality and friendly chats to get you through the day.

Ernesto is the foreign lad that we couldn’t let get away. He came to New Zealand trying to find the right path for his career and landed in the arms of Blueprint Studios, even in the midst of Covid, where he was able to further develop his editing skills and become a valued member of the team. Despite retuning back to Argentina, he remains an important member of the team, always delivering high-quality work on all his undertakings and allowing us to learn more about his hometown and the crippling Argentinian heat he endures daily with every phone call.


Michal is constantly executing his vision in every beautiful high-quality video. His video editing is consistently a work of art, and his attitude is that of a goal-oriented go-getter, especially as despite receiving multiple requests for video changes on a daily basis, he never falters in responding positively, always maintaining a good attitude towards everything he does. His creative talents will continuously surprise and impress you and his friendly demeanour will always put you at ease.

Last, but certainly not least, is the one who brings everything together and has made this journey of growth possible for all of us by making his vision a reality, creating a successful business and workplace where we are all able to produce our best work and feel valued. Leon is a true leader, one that is kind, considerate, supportive, and encouraging. His ability to make an effort to personally get to know everyone in his team and spend one-on-one time with them to help with their personal growth is extremely valuable to the company’s success and growth. He treats us all as equals and motivates us to take on challenges, guiding us as we navigate them, and learn from mistakes. His devotion to continuous self-improvement, learning, and communication has impacted the way I think about how I carry myself in the workplace, how I tackle challenges, and how I express and articulate my thoughts and ideas.

Everyone desires a work environment where they feel valued, appreciated, and proud to be a part of an exceptional team. We desire it, but we don’t always chase after it because most of the time it’s considered unattainable. You take what you get, and the job and environment that comes with it chooses you, you don’t choose it. Considering work is 50% of our life, if not more, it’s hard to not let it shape us and affect how we feel on a daily basis. I’m here to tell you that type of environment exists here and I could not have asked for a better place to start my career in. I am able to work in a place that promotes diversity in who we are, the skills we bring, and what we can learn, as the opportunities for growth are endless. There is a culture of trust and support, and though the work is certainly there, so are the people, and they will undoubtedly get you through any struggles. After only working in this environment for a few months, I have been able to see a clearer path for my career and form healthy, special relationships with a team of amazing people.

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