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You only have one chance at a first impression and in real estate a first impression is everything.

Show the value that you have lived by capturing your memories with a new perspective. Help your home stand out and catch the eye of ready buyers.

The Blueprint Studios team is on a mission to outdo themselves with every shoot, often having a sunbeam breaking through a kitchen window taking their focus.

To set a standard cannot be taken lightly. With an extensive photography kit and constant up-skilling, you can be sure your property photography will have you consider staying.

Qualified Photographer

Before shooting for Blueprint Clients our team undergo a fixed training program so we can be asured to have consistency in our production.

24 Hour Turn Around

With all property related photography you can expect to have your finished imapages in your inbox within 24 hours of the shoot taking palce.

Sky Replacements

We have developed our process for shooting property that allows for the team to shoot in a range of conditions and still make your property stand out.

Easy Booking/Resheduling

If there is a change in your schedule or the weather, as long as there is 24 hours before you're shoot, you can adjust your own booking.

Virtual Staging/Photoshop

Wanting to vitually stage your home? remove bins? or add grass? The team are qualified to handle post productions work and would always prefer your images are ready for market.

High Res & Web Ready Images

Your project will be delivered through our gallery allowing for both High & Web Resolution Quality for easy use on all platforms.

$ 249 inc

Photography Designed for Property Management, Units & Apartments


  • 15 - 20 Wide Angle Images
  • 45 minutes on site
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$299 inc

Everything you need to market your home


  • 25 Photos
  • Drone Photography
  • Boundary Line
  • 1 x Free Photoshop
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$349 inc

Giving you home the best opportunity to sell


  • 30 Images
  • Drone Photography
  • Detailed & Creative Shots
  • Boundary Line Edit
  • 2x Photoshops
  • 2x Location Pin Drops
  • Dusk Timing or Area Shots
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