Getting Your Home Photo-Ready

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Getting Your Home Photo-Ready


Great property photography and videography is pivotal to the effectiveness, or ineffectiveness, of your property listing and subsequent marketing.

Imagery of your property is the first thing potential buyers see (*swipe right*)… first impressions count and getting it right the first time is important!


Take this as an opportunity to donate, sell, recycle, and get rid of things you do not need. This two birds one stone approach also means you won’t have as much packing and unpacking to do on moving day! 

Remove personal items such as family photos, awards and certificates, toys, bits-and-bobs you picked up on holiday, kitchen appliances and bathroom items, as well as any miscellaneous outdoor items like bikes!

You want potential buyers to imagine themselves in the home, you want them to start thinking about where they would put their furniture and belongings – so also remove any furnishings or paintings that reflect any strong personal taste!

Freshen up your home

Create a plain and humble ‘blank canvas’ by sticking to a neutral colour palette and a minimalistic mindset! You can also think about implementing some inexpensive ways to give your home a renovated look and feel such as: giving walls and skirting boards a fresh layer of paint, replacing carpeting or giving them a deep clean and replacing doorhandles and drawer handles.

You should also use matching furnishings! This can be done by purchasing inexpensive cushions, blinds and curtains that match and compliment one another!

A quick freshen-up goes a long way towards forming positive attitudes and perceptions about your property with potential buyers!

Landscaping and street appeal

Water blasting, gardening and mowing, freshening up the letterbox, and turning the garage back into a garage should be high on the list! Open-home goers are going to see the outside of your home first, sometimes making up their minds before they even make it through the front door – so even after photography and videography is completed, keeping your home like this is a must!

Open the curtains!

Allowing natural light to flood the spaces when taking photos will give the images that wow-factor! If you are having a dusk-shoot, make sure that all the lights indoor and outdoor are working so that the space is well-lit and that ‘cozy-evening’ or ‘entertainers-paradise’ feeling can be created.






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