Surprising Property Photography Facts You Should Know

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Surprising Property Photography Facts You Should Know


Property Listing Descriptions Versus Imagery and Videography

When potential buyers visit property websites, they spend just 20% of their time going through the agent description whereas majority of their time is spent viewing photos or videos of the property.

Increasing Perception of Property Value

Property with high-quality professional photos receives up to 47% higher asking price per square foot than other similar property listings that lack thereof. When listing your property for sale, you should estimate its current market price. Professionally captured photos help you sell your property 39% closer to this price, increasing the value of your property.

Online Views

Around 92% of home buyers use the internet to search for properties. Property listings with professional photos are viewed by 118% more internet users than other properties. With residential property, professional photos can increase the visibility of your ad by 61%.

Buyer’s Attention

The longer you keep the buyer hooked to the property ad, the higher the chances of selling the house. When you publish a property listing without any photos buyers, on average, look at it for 2 seconds. With professional images, you can grab their attention for around 20 seconds.

A Quick Result

The longer it takes to sell your property, the lower its perceived value becomes. You can grab potential buyers’ attention and sell your property quickly with the help of professionally captured imagery and videography. 


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